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​Latest Trend: Turkish Towels

27th Oct 2015

​Latest Trend: Turkish Towels
Woven from high quality cotton fibers, Turkish towels, also known as pestemal, have been gaining momentum as alternatives to the usual terry cloth towels. They are super soft and lightweight, simply stylish, easy to clean, and very multi-functional, which makes them perfect for traveling. Use them as a bath towel, beach towel, blanket, wrap, table runner, picnic rug, or as a pr … read more

Batter Up! Caps for Every Style

23rd Oct 2015

Sometimes there's nothing better than having the perfect hat to compliment an outfit. From fancy to casual, it has the power to add panache, flair and that standout quality we're all hoping to have. On a more practical note, hats protect your head from the sun, and keep you warm during the chillier months. New technology also means that hats can protect you from harm if … read more

Keeping the Cost of Maternity Clothes Down

15th Oct 2015

Pregnancy is such a temporary condition that it can be infuriating to see how much maternity clothes can cost. Unless you're lucky enough to know someone who was recently pregnant AND happened to be your size AND had the same taste in clothes, you don't you really have much of a choice but to shell out some cash. Buying the right stuff helps you feel good which helps increas … read more

Calling All Cute Cooks: Aprons To Keep Your Clothes From Calamity

9th Oct 2015

You don't have to put on sweats to cook a meal or even just do general housework. Looking good while going about your daily tasks can help give you confidence and feel more efficient. Keep your clothes safe, dry and clean from flour, stains, dust and dirt. Visit Blank Clothing for a variety of aprons for cooking or even just daily chores. The Thoughtful C … read more

Fashionably Fit: Affordable Gym Gear For All Your Workouts

1st Oct 2015

It might feel a little narcissistic, but it's fun to wear cute clothes while working out. You know you're getting in shape, and looking good while doing it. The only problem is, you don't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for your favourite outfits, especially if you work out a lot and don't get to do laundry very often. Blank Clothing has the styles that you want at a pr … read more
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