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The first 30 days after the baby arrives will be so busy for the new mom. Read more.

Aside from having to recover from childbirth, she’ll have to think about the “taking care of the baby” part as well. Newborns grow fast, so baby clothes won’t fit for long. After a month or two, however, that’s when you should start thinking about the outfits you want to buy for your baby.

Here is a quick list of the basic items you might want to buy: four to six onesies, four to eight singlets, four to eight pajamas, at least two blanket sleepers, two hoodies or jackets, one to three rompers, and at least five pairs of socks or booties. If you’re planning to take out your baby for morning walks, a couple of wide-brimmed hats for sunny days will do, and add one or two soft caps with coverings for the ears if the weather gets cold.

We carry a big selection of baby clothes online, whether you’re looking for rompers, singlets, hoodies, caps, socks, blankets, or bibs. Certified organic cotton, plus we have a whole line of baby clothes Australia made from organic cotton as well. They are environmentally friendly, natural, and super comfortable for your little ones.

Buy bulk wholesale, get up to 20%, 30% or more off these prices.

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