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Sun Safe Hat With A Neck Flap From Blank Clothing

If you're relaxing on the warm, golden sands of Australia's beautiful beaches. Or embarking on an adventurous treasure hunt in the scorching sun. A legionnaire cap is still the best defence against a sunburnt neck. Our legionnaire caps are crafted with utmost quality and durability. To withstand even the most active adventures under the Australian sun. The innovative design of our Sun Safe Hat. Features a unique neck flap. That provides extended protection for delicate skin. Shielding it from harsh rays throughout the day. Ideal for school. Made with high-quality materials. These hats are not only fashion-forward. But also built to last. The wide brim offers additional coverage. For the face and ears. Ensuring maximum sun protection.

Kids Legionnaires Hats For School

When it comes to keeping your children safe under the Australian sun at school. There should be no compromise. With our legionnaire hats. You can have peace of mind knowing that at school. Your little ones are well-protected from harmful UV rays, while enjoying their outdoor activities. At Blank Clothing, we understand the importance of Sun Safety. And keeping your little ones sun safe. That's why we offer a diverse range of legionnaire hats. Specially designed for kids. Our collection boasts an array of vibrant colours and styles. That will make your child excited to wear their new hat. 

Shop Our Wide Selection Of Hats & Caps Online

So shop through our wide selection today. Give your children not only fashion-forward headwear. But also peace of mind. Knowing they are well-protected under our reliable legionnaire caps. Keep them safe from the sun. For more sun protection consider our bucket hats and wide brim hats. Available with Australia wide shipping.

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