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As a person who desires to make a statement with what they wear but not go overboard, womens contrast polos are the perfect way to be eye-catching without too much volume. Having contrasting colours on the sleeves and collar of their contrast polo is a great sign of designing personality in one's outfit without being too loud! If you're looking for womens contrast shirts to add to your wardrobe, we've got the selection.


Wear a Contrast Polo to Stand Out

A ladies contrast polo is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re at a sporting event or just running errands, a contrast polo will help you make a statement. The key to rocking a contrast polo is to choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and hair colour. If you have fair skin, opt for a pastel hue. If you have olive skin, go for a brighter shade. And if you have dark skin, try a bold colour like red or yellow. No matter what your personal style is, there’s a contrast polo at Blank Clothing that’s perfect for you.


What are the Best Contrast Polos for Women?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a great contrast polo for women. The first is the colour of the shirt. A white or light-coloured shirt will contrast well with a dark-coloured polo. If you want a more subtle look, choose a shirt that is close to your skin tone.

The next thing to consider is the fit of the shirt. A fitted shirt will show off your curves, while a loose-fitting shirt will give you a more relaxed look. If you are not sure what size to order, it is always better to go up one size rather than down.

Finally, consider the style of the ladies contrast polo. There are many different styles available, from classic polos to more modern designs. Choose a style that you feel comfortable wearing and that compliments your personal style.


How to Wear a Contrast Polo?

There are many ways to wear a contrast polo, but the most popular way is to pair it with jeans or shorts. This look is perfect for a casual day out or a relaxed evening with friends. To make this outfit more interesting, add some accessories such as a statement necklace or scarf. If you want to dress up the look, switch out the jeans for a skirt or dress pants. Choose the right colour combination. A contrast polo can be made up of any two colours, but some combinations are more flattering than others. If you're not sure what will work, consider choosing a classic combo like black and white, navy and white, or even red and white.

No matter how you wear it, a contrast polo is sure to give your outfit a touch of style.


How do traditional polo and contrast polo differ?

There are two types of polo shirts: traditional and contrast. Traditional polos are solid-coloured with a small logo, while contrast polos have a two-toned colour scheme. Ladies contrast polo shirts are a type of shirt that is designed specifically for women. They are typically made from a lightweight fabric and feature a collar and button placket. The most notable difference between traditional polo shirts and ladies contrast polo shirts is the fit. Ladies contrast polos are usually more fitted than traditional polos, which gives them a more feminine look. Another difference is the style of the collar. Traditional polo shirts have a straight collar, while ladies contrast polos often have a ruffled or Peter Pan collar. Finally, ladies contrast polos typically have smaller logos or embroidery than traditional polos.


How to Style a Contrast Polo?

A contrast polo is a great way to add some visual interest to your outfit. The key to styling a contrast polo is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. A pair of dark wash jeans and sneakers will do the trick. If you want to dress it up a bit, you can swap out the sneakers for loafers or oxfords.


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