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About Us

About Us Blank Clothing

We're a small local family business based in Melbourne. Established online since 2006. We are a 100% Australian-owned company.

We provide blank sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts in various styles and colours that you can use to create unique products, this isn't just another print-your-own-shirt service. Our products go well beyond the basic t-shirt and sweatshirt because we believe in offering the best products of the finest quality at prices you can afford. Some of the products we offer include:

Blank Clothing Australia Online



This is just a taste of what you may find at Blank Clothing at any given time. While you turn your unique ideas into marketable products or fun items for your personal wardrobe, we're busy creating additional products for your use. We have a huge range of customers, from t-shirt designers, fitness centers, restaurants, to schools, wineries and sports teams. As fashion trends change and the seasons turn, check back to see what new creations we're offering. We strive to offer only the highest quality items that you will want to show off with pride.

What makes us different is our pricing structure. We offer no minimum spend and provide tiered bulk discount. The more you buy, the more you save! Simply use the product selectors and our bulk wholesale prices are auto-calculated.

It's not always easy to translate the masterpieces created on that magical mental canvas to products that the rest of the world can fully appreciate. That's why Blank Clothing exists. We give you a diverse collection of blank surfaces on which you can bring your personal creations to life. Most of our products are blank, so pick the type of clothing that best matches your unique idea, and let's get started illuminating your mind for the world to see.

Your mind is the greatest canvas in the world. It's your personal blank space where unique ideas are born by the minute and improvements are made to existing ideas. If you've ever thought that you could earn a fortune, if only the world could read your mind, you're going to love the product lineup here at Blank Clothing.

Blank Clothing Australia is the online store for blank t-shirts, hoodies, singlets, polos, shirts, bags, plain aprons, shorts, pants, jackets, baby wear, kids casuals, school uniforms and sports team wear, pants, hats, caps, towels, fitness gear and much more. Buy online bulk wholesale, no minimum.

What is blank clothing?

Blank clothing has no added decoration. Blanks are made to supply the clothing industry. Many clothing "labels" begin with a good blank, add their own logos, designs or trimmings, re-label and on-sell to retailers, or sell direct at markets, online, etc. The economies of scale in mass clothing production mean lower prices all the way down to retail level. Most of our customers are printers, embroiderers and designers but we don't mind supplying personal shoppers with logo-free garments under the same terms and conditions.

Blank Tshirts | Girls Tshirts | Children T-Shirts | Blank ClothingWhat's the quality like?

The very cheapest t-shirts are best suited to promotional purposes. Otherwise, quality and value is excellent with most budget-priced examples being far superior in quality to what you would find in a chain store, for example. Higher-priced styles are generally very high quality, some being onsold as "designer" garments in boutiques and department stores the world over. We choose our lines carefully from factory ranges that have been market-proven over many years. Some of our most popular styles have sold multi-millions of units in Australia.

Is there a label?

We do have exclusive blank t-shirts with no brand label, however most items come with manufacturing labels attached (some individually bagged, some with swing tags as well). For blank t-shirts, hoodies, singlets, polo shirts, jackets, and most other clothing - this means either one label sewn inside the back of the neck, or one inside the neck and another on an inside seam. A few styles have their manufacturer label screen-printed inside the back of the neck. We try to make a note of these for the benefit of customers who wish to re-label and on-sell. Labels carry mandatory information such as size, content and country of manufacture. Garments sold as "organic cotton" must carry recognised organic certification. Before re-labelling any blank clothing for re-sale in Australia, find out more about clothing label regulations.





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