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How to label clothing in Australia

Many people and companies buy blank clothing with the idea of removing the factory label and replacing it with their own label for resale. In Australia there are government regulations regarding the labels on clothing. For example:


Care labelling provides the public with enough information to:

     ► know how to care for clothing and textile products

     ► have prior knowledge of costs such as dry cleaning in the ongoing care of clothing

     ► understand how to clean clothing (e.g. cold hand wash only)

     ► maximise the useful life of clothing

     ► avoid damage such as dyes running (e.g. wash separately)


This is why all of our "blank" clothing carries its factory brand label/s including size, care instructions, content and country of manufacture. It is not sufficient for customers to replace the original label/s with one that says simply, for example, "Acme Designs". Read more information about mandatory requirements for clothing labels at Product Safety Australia.

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