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Comfortable, Stylish Women’s Vests

Explore our diverse range of designs we have on offer for Australian ladies, and turn plain pieces into something personal with your distinctive touch, be it through style or something more.

Whether it’s a casual or sophisticated look you’re going for... you name it, we have it. Our hand-picked selection of sleeveless options covers a whole range of looks – everything from sports and workwear to casual ladies’ fashion.

Stocking a wide array of designs in these areas, our collection is full of great choices that easily become part of a versatile wardrobe, or even as a work uniform that becomes synonymous with your brand.

These well-crafted, quality cuts can be made to suit your preferences. We have plain, unbranded vests that are waiting for you to make your mark. These are the perfect choice to customise with your brand, or simply on-sell as part of your own curated collection.

Stay cosy with our lightweight women’s vests on sale now

Keeping warm is crucial when the chill sets in. Fleece, puffer, multi-layer and waterproof materials are perfect for this, especially in the sports arena.

Plain or customised with your team colours, our designs are perfect when layered on top of matching women’s cycling clothing. Made with the best materials, each easy-to-wear design is as much about function as it is about the looks (which flatter all shapes and sizes).

Take advantage of the fashion-forward cuts and colours available, and get cosy in a signature piece tuned to your needs – whether they’re purely aesthetic, or geared towards an end goal.

Set the trend

Fashion comes and goes, but style stays. Our Aussie business is a testament to this, supplying more than 25,000 different styles to businesses and solo shoppers across the nation.

For some, the ladies’ clothing we have on offer provides a base for their distinct look. For others, we’re the go-to when the market simply can’t satisfy their taste for trendy garments.

Going sleeveless is a limitless way to craft unique looks. Paired with one of our women’s shirts or a classy blouse for the office, there’s nothing stopping you from indulging your imagination when you shop with us for women’s fleece vests and other styles. With our unisex reversible and micro-fibre designs for all ages, it’s even possible to find a match for men, teens or kids.

Go ahead and see what you come up with – don’t be afraid to get creative.

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