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Find Plus Size Work Shirts

In the market for new shirts you can wear in a professional setting, such as at work? If so, and if you wear plus size clothing, then you may have trouble finding what you're looking for. At Blank Clothing, we have an extensive selection of plus size corporate shirts for you to choose from, and we carry these in both men's and women's styles. Whether you're looking for something long-sleeved or short-sleeved, you can find plenty of styles and colours to choose from. And as always, you'll save money by buying your clothing at wholesale prices from us! Most plus size women have a hard time finding shirts that fit both their body and their style. Have you struggled to find fashionable, affordable plus size corporate wear in sizes that fit, and felt frustrated with your shopping experience?

Today, you can say goodbye to those frustrations and get clothes that fit your body and make you feel confident! At Blank Clothing, our plus size work wear is designed to flatter your figure, whether you're a size 8 or 30.

We offer a variety of colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your office. Whether you prefer a classic black or white shirt, or something more fun and colourful like lilac or a royal shirt, we have the perfect plus size corporate wear for you.

Our Plus Size WorkWear Comes in Different Fabrics

When it comes to our plus size office wear, we offer three main materials to choose from: cotton mix, polyester blend, and polyester. Each of these materials has its own benefits that can make it a great choice for plus size workwear Australia.

Cotton Mix for the Best Feel Cotton mix shirts are made of a blend of cotton and other materials, typically polyester, elastane, or spandex. The combination of materials makes the shirt comfortable to wear and gives it some stretch for a better fit.

The percentage of cotton in the shirt can vary from 97% to 74%, but it is usually the predominant material. This type of shirt is a good choice for people who want the comfort and breathability of cotton combined with the stretch and durability of other materials. Polyester Mix for Busy Women Our polyester blend shirts are made from a mix of polyester and a little bit of cotton and spandex. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant, making it the perfect choice for busy women on the go. The cotton in the blend makes the shirt comfortable to wear, while the spandex provides stretch for a perfect fit.

Polyester Shirts for Hard Workers And finally, our polyester shirts are made from 100% polyester and are a great option for restaurant workers who need a tough shirt to withstand the demands of their job. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and can be easily cleaned, making it a practical choice for busy people. Get Affordable Bulk Pricing on All of Your Plus Size work tops with our plus women's business wear, you can look stylish and professional without spending a fortune. Our clothing is available at super affordable prices, and you can even pay in instalments with afterpay. This makes it easy to get the wardrobe you need to succeed in your career.


Shop Women Plus Size Corporate Wear Australia

At Blank Clothing, we carry over 40 different styles of shirts making us one of the best providers of plus size workwear uniforms in Australia.

We understand that finding stylish and comfortable clothing in larger sizes can be difficult, so we take pride in stocking a wide range of fashionable items including over blouses, checkered shirts, short sleeves, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and many more!

Buy now and boost your confidence whether you need a new shirt for your job or some casual clothes for the weekend, we have you covered. Plus, our prices are unbeatable, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you're getting the best deal possible. So start browsing our amazing selection of beautiful plus size work wear today!

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