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Baby Bibs Online

Cute, cuddly and so very loved — your baby deserves the very best. In much the same way as you ensure that a crib, carriage or car seat purchased for your baby is of the highest quality, the items that are closest to your child, particularly those used daily, need to demonstrate that same level of purity and excellence. Our collection of  baby bibs meets this standard. Read more. 
Designed of the finest and softest cotton, both regular and organic, each of our bibs is stain resistant, machine washable and tumble-dry safe. This makes cleaning quick and easy while snap closures ensure secure fastening. Moreover, our bibs are even better with age, becoming softer against your baby’s skin with each washing, offering a luxurious feel. With different styles available, from fleece to bandanas, among others, there are bibs to suit feeding, teething to dribble use.
Our “Cutie” bib, for instance, devised of super absorbent organic cotton bib in both solid-colour and striped styles, is ideal for teething time and other dribbly moments in a baby’s life. Sized perfectly for newborn through age two, this bib, like all of our organic bibs, derives its colours not from chemicals but rather from dyes extracted organically from vegetables and fruits. Indeed, this attention to purity assures you of the safest and most beautiful product for your baby. 
Similarly, our “Sprout” bib, a larger version of the “Cutie,” offers all the same fine details and becomes a matchless everyday bib for babies and toddlers who need a bib throughout the day. Its capacious size makes it versatile, fitting children from three months to three years old. 
Then there is our “Bambi,” a large bib that takes versatility to a new level. Also designed for three-month-olds to three-year-olds, its reversibility and vibrant colours make it a stylish accompaniment to your baby clothes outfits, but it is the roomy pocket that makes it a standout, deftly catching any stray food or drink that happens to miss your baby’s mouth. 
Just three from our array of distinctive bibs, each serving a different and specific purpose, they make wonderful shower gifts for new mums as well. All of our bibs are available for purchase online. Simply click each photo for details. Hide this content.
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  • Bulk Organic Cotton Baby Bib White + Pink Plain Organic Cotton Baby Bibs | White

    KIM | Baby Bibs Organic Cotton

    • organic cotton baby bibs with Velcro® closure• 100% GOTS/EKO certified organic combed cotton interlock • very smooth, soft and comfortable• organic cotton bibs are hypoallergenic• perfect for babies with...

    MSRP: $7.50
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  • Bulk Buy Large Organic Cotton Baby Bibs Online | Pink Plain Large Bibs Online | Sky

    KAI | Baby Bibs Large Organic Cotton

    • large blank baby bibs with velcro closure• 100% GOTS/EKO certified organic combed cotton interlock • very smooth, soft and comfortable• organic cotton textiles are hypoallergenic• perfect for babies with...

    MSRP: $8.50
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  • OTIS | velcro baby bibs | 5 pack | large white bibs wholesale plain velcro baby bibs

    OTIS | Velcro Baby Bibs 5 Pack Terry Towel

    • 5 pack of large, quality plain white, velcro bibs• velcro fastening for easy on/off• made from polyester/cotton for comfort & durability• soft, ultra-absorbent towelling, terry surface• machine...

  • Sale
    Baby Bibs Bandana Cotton Online | Silly Billyz Baby Bibs Bandana Cotton Online | Silly Billyz

    MILK | Jersey Bandana Bib Pattern

    • high quality, jersey bandana bibs for baby• made from beautifully soft cotton jersey• gorgeous modern bib which doesn't cover up bub's cute outfits• contempory designs & patterns, for girls, boys or unisex• its...

    MSRP: $9.95
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  • organic cotton baby newborn bib biblet 100% organic baby biblet | striped sage

    CUTIE | 100% Organic Cotton Baby Biblet

    • earth friendly, quality, striped or plain organic bib for baby • made from 100% organic cotton • perfectly sized for newborn • triple press stud snap closure means this bib will grow with your bub • water...

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  • 100% organic cotton baby bandana bibs organic baby bandana bib | plum stripes

    MUFFIN | Organic Bandana Bibs (2 Pack)

    • earth friendly, quality, 2 pack of organic bandana bibs for baby • made from 100% organic cotton • gorgeous bibs which doesn't cover up your bubs cute outfits • striped or plain, its cute size means it looks more...

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  • Sale
    silly billyz | fleece baby bib with pocket fleece baby pocket bib | lime stella

    BAMBI | Fleece Baby Bib With Pocket

    • colourful & reversible large, food-catching fleece pocket bib for baby• plenty of fun colours & patterns to co-ordinate with baby's outfits• reverse the pocket so you have a plain bib - 2 bibs in one! • water-resistant...

    MSRP: $9.99
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  • 2 pack velour towel face cloths | lilac+lime baby towel face cloths | blue+sky

    DRIBBLES | Velour Towel Face Cloths 2 Pack

    • 2 pack of plain, bright & useful towel face cloths for baby• premium velour towelling face cloths• stain resistant & super absorbent, so it's ideal for dribbly babies• great for messy eaters or for bath time• super...

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  • Silly Billyz 100% organic cotton large baby bibs buy 100% organic cotton large baby bibs

    SPROUT | 100% Organic Cotton Baby Bibs Large

    • quality, organic cotton, striped or plain large bibs for baby • made from 100% organic cotton fabric • double press stud snap closure • stain resistant, super absorbent - great for messy eaters & drinkers •...

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