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​How to Wash and Dry Puffer Jackets

1st Jun 2021

WELCOME, WINTER with Puffer Time! Everyone is discovering why puffer jackets are the go-to outerwear for reliable warmth in unreliable weather.Puffer jacket is a quilted coat filled with an insulation material and is designed with sections that are "puffy" between the stitching. This winter garment provides a thick, lightweight layer against extreme temperatures in outdoor adve … read more

Clothing for Healthcare Workers: Your Wardrobe Sorted

1st Apr 2021

Regardless of the industry that you work in, there is a strong emphasis on professional conduct, and sometimes this also means your wardrobe. How you present yourself to your leadership team and the public matters, and in healthcare, that could be even more the case. Uniforms or dress codes are standard in many workplaces across this industry, both to show employment b … read more

Keep Cool and On-Trend With These Summer-Friendly Fabrics

29th Mar 2021

Summer can be a nightmare if you’re trying to balance working and keeping active. And then there’s juggling the ability to keep a wardrobe that caters to all this; we feel you, but it’s not impossible. Investing in the right, high-quality clothes for this season means you’re also able to keep out of the heat’s way, opting for more breathable, summer-friendly alternativ … read more

Spring clothing for kids

5th Sep 2020

As the mercury starts to rise and the leaves begin to reappear on the trees, you know the days of winter are coming to a close for another year. That means spring is on our doorstep, and it is time to prepare for the warmer months with fresh clothing for ourselves and our littles ones. Suddenly, our to-do lists just got a little busier. But there's no doubt that it's a gor … read more

Tips for ​Removing Stains from Clothing

8th Jul 2020

Tips for Removing Stains from ClothingWe have all endured this common problem – our favourite shirt or blouse gets stained and we don’t really know how to get it out. We’ve tried all the usual solutions but sometimes there’s a stain that poses a real challenge. The typical reason for this is because most people use the wrong kind of remover for a specific stain. This is wh … read more
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