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The Art of Mixing and Matching Your Summer Wardrobe

20th Jan 2016

If you can't reuse the many pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe, then you're wasting your fashion potential. There's nothing better than maximizing your investments, and there are ways to do it without hiring a high-priced fashion expert. You may not even recognise many combinations because you're stuck on a favourite look that's always worked for you. One of t … read more

Accents & Accessories: Putting The Perfect Touches On Your Favourite Outfit

14th Jan 2016

When you think of your favourite piece of clothing, it seems likely that whatever it is has a key quality: versatility. T-shirts, jeans and dresses are even more fun when you can wear it dressed up or dressed down. However, in order to achieve any given look, you need to have the right accessories to help set the tone of the outfit. A pair of fancy high heels, belt, necklace … read more

Outfitting Your Baby: Why You Can Never Have Too Many Clothes

7th Jan 2016

Everyone knows that kids are messy. What new parents (or even parents with an unusually neat first child) may not know is exactly how messy children can be. When preparing for a child, everyone's busy buying you lots of clothes, giving you lots of clothes or advising on where you should buy clothes. Your friends are practically planning their graduation outfits before you've … read more

Bags for All Occasions

21st Dec 2015

Bags are practical and they complement all of our outfits, but finding the right one can be difficult. When you're faced with all kinds of situations every day from work to just hanging out with friends, it's helpful to have accessories that will make you feel comfortable no matter where you are. Check out Blank Clothing's selection that will not only fit your budget, but al … read more

Summer Active Wear

10th Dec 2015

It's normal to pack on the pounds during the winter. The cold and the dark just make is so hard to get out of our pyjamas to hit the pavement, and we generally all give ourselves a bit of a pass. Then summer rolls around and all of a sudden, it seems too difficult to exercise in extreme heat too. So what are you, a health-conscious citizen, to do? Well, it won’t solve all yo … read more
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