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DIY Tshirt Ideas

Mar 10, 2019

Top 20 DIY ideas for blank t-shirts, hoodies, other blanks:

Instructions with videos: the easiest, fastest, cheapest and best ways to make DIY t-shirt designs at home:

How to make unique t-shirt designs using bleach:

Make a graphic t-shirt design with DIY stencil and sprayed bleach

You'll need: Mens plain tshirts or womens blank t-shirt, paper or carboard, pen or pencil, scissors, masking tape, household bleach, spray bottle, few minutes.

Make intricate t-shirt illustrations using bleach and a paintbrush

You'll need: plain blank t-shirt, bleach, small paintbrush, few minutes (or hours!).

How to cut t-shirts into unique fashion pieces:

Cut a t-shirt into a cool unisex top: great for the heat

You'll need: plain blank t-shirt, scissors, few minutes.

How to re-engineer and recycle blank clothing:

Make a stunning strapless summer top out of a basic t-shirt

You'll need: oversized plain blank t-shirt, scissors, elastic, safety pin, sewing machine, about an hour.

Make a t-shirt into a camisole-style summer singlet top with no sewing

You'll need: plain blank or decorated t-shirt, scissors, less than half an hour.

How to make a scoodie (scarf+hoodie) out of a plain sloppy joe

You'll need: blank plain sloppy joe, ruler, chalk or dressmaking pencil, scissors, pins, sewing machine, less than half an hour.

How to do easy "relief" printing on t-shirts:

Make quick and easy DIY t-shirt with lettering and graphics

You'll need: plain blank t-shirt, masking tape, fabric paint, sponge, few minutes.

How to do cheap screen printing at home:

How to screen print at home: step-by-step guide to materials and methods

You'll need: plain t-shirts and a whole stack of items (see video), many hours.


How to do stencilling for ultra-cheap printing effects:

Make a stencil t-shirt design: cheap and easy

Make a stencil t-shirt using contact paper and spray fabric paint

You'll need: plain t-shirt, contact paper (as used for covering school books), pen or pencil, flat-blade cutting knife, cutting mat or thick cardboard, opaque spray fabric paint, half an hour.

How to print a run of t-shirts at home: cheapest band t-shirts in the world!

You'll need: supply of plain t-shirts (buy bulk wholesale), pen, flat-blade cutting knife, cutting mat or thick cardboard, masking tape or spray adhesive, fabric paint, sponge or stiff brush, at least an hour (depending on quantity and complexity of design).

How to make great t-shirt transfers at home:

Make inkjet transfers on dark t-shirts at home

You'll need: plain black or dark-coloured blank t-shirt, inkjet printer or copier (Epson are best for this but most work just fine for fun), photograph or illustration (or computer design), "darkwear" inkjet transfer paper suitable for ironing-on at home, normal household iron, scissors, about half an hour. You can buy the right transfer paper from us.

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