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6 Top Tips for Dressing in Winter

Jul 12, 2019

6 Top Tips for Dressing in Winter

The winter chill is well and truly upon us, and although packing away your party clothes might make you uninspired, the colder months shouldn’t have to mean compromising on style. From following the forecast to planning your outfits and investing in imperative pieces, here are six top tips for dressing for the weather.

1. Check the Forecast

An obvious tip, we know, but it is also the most important. Having to carry around gloves, scarves and umbrellas can be really frustrating, and isn’t necessary throughout winter. If you know the temperature is going to be a bit higher than expected, you can dress appropriately and take along only what is necessary, as opposed to a whole winter ensemble. Similarly, you will be able to cope better with the elements knowing it’s only going to top 10 degrees in the daytime.

2. Be Smart

Often, winter forces us to put comfort before style and choose trusty, weather-appropriate garments rather than putting fashion first. This means: put away your backless loafers until spring, say goodbye to those off-the-shoulder tops and leave your skirts in the wardrobe, opting for winter-proof pieces that you know will keep you warm and dry.

Showing up to work soaking wet because you didn’t wear an appropriate coat defeats the purpose of trying to fight the weather with fashion, doesn’t it? Furthermore, winter weather can be a nightmare for fashionable clothing that wasn’t designed for it is enough to make you put sensibility above style when the bite really takes effect.

And remember, sensibility can still mean chic.

3. Take Care of Your Winter Pieces

Whilst you might have more pairs of summer sandals than there are days in the week, you most likely only have a pair of comfortable winter boots that work well in the weather. This means you really have to look after them. Invest in protection sprays for leather and suede and always take the time to get your shoes re-heeled as soon as they start to look depleted so you can keep wearing them winter after winter.

4. Tailor Your Hemlines

This is important if you want your clothes to look stylish, but vital in winter so that you don’t end up with rain-soaked hemlines dragging across the concrete. Not a great look.

5. Take a Sensible Bag

Cold weather inevitably means having to layer up, which you might have to remove when you get into work, into a restaurant, store etc. as opposed to having to lug around a great big jacket or work jersey, take a sensible bag that you can pop all these items in as you take it off so that it won’t become a nuisance. Alternatively, pack a small fold-up shopper in your tote so that you can use it when you need to take a piece off. This makes everything a lot less stressful.

6. Invest in Multiple Coats, Hoodies

It might add up, but you’re going to be wearing quality hoodies throughout the bulk of winter and in the corresponding months, so you might want to invest in these essentials. They’ll keep you warm at home and outside, and you can never go wrong with a high quality sweater.  

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