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How to Have an Arts and Crafts Party!

22nd Jun 2015

How to Have an Arts and Crafts Party!
Here’s a great idea idea for a children’s birthday party. This girl’s 7th birthday was definitely a professionally styled event but you can take some of the ideas for your own budget party.The theme was Rainbow + Chevron Arts and Crafts. There were giant blank canvases for painting on as a group, rainbow place settings with mini easel name cards + coordinating flower cente … read more

DIY: Frozen Costumes (Anna, Elsa and Olaf)

27th Jan 2015

DIY: Frozen Costumes (Anna, Elsa and Olaf)
We found this great tutorial on AlphaMom for some great Disney movie Frozen tshirts. This would make a great party activity for a kids's birthday party.  What kid doesn't still love Frozen? Supplies for Anna, Elsa & Olaf costumes: 1. pre-washed white plain t-shirts. 2. fabric paint 3. cardboard for inside of the t-shirts so the paint doesn’t leak through 4 … read more
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