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DIY: Frozen Costumes (Anna, Elsa and Olaf)

Jan 27, 2015

DIY: Frozen Costumes (Anna, Elsa and Olaf)

We found this great tutorial on AlphaMom for some great Disney movie Frozen tshirts. This would make a great party activity for a kids's birthday party.  What kid doesn't still love Frozen?

Supplies for Anna, Elsa & Olaf costumes:

1. pre-washed white plain t-shirts.

2. fabric paint

3. cardboard for inside of the t-shirts so the paint doesn’t leak through

4. glitter and/or sequins if you are making an Elsa t-shirt

5. paintbrushes

You can free-hand or trace it with charcoal or washable marker (removing the guide before painting)

First lay down the dark color of Anna’s bodice. This is a lot of paint so plan to let it dry for a good long while before you lay down your other colors on top. Fabric paint often comes in squeeze bottles but for the bodice of this costume, you’ll want it flat and not puffy so squirt yourself a good blob of paint on a paper plate and then apply it onto the shirt with a paintbrush. Once the dark black/gray is set then add your swipe of yellow at the top and blue above that.

Then after the bodice is dry you can paint in the flower decorations. You could go ahead and squeeze your vines and flowers on with curly-ques and loops. A good trick for making the dots is to use the other side of your paint brush. It will create a perfect circle instead of an oblong dash that the brush side will want to make. Just make sure you clean off both ends of your paintbrush when you’re done!

When you’re done painting just let your t-shirt dry (follow the instructions on your fabric paint) and you’ll be good to go!

For further instructions for the rest of the characters, head over to the tutorial for further instructions

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