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Why Your Next Clothing Purchase Should Be Eco Friendly

4th Aug 2016

How often do you check labels when you buy clothes? How much do you know about the people who make the fabrics and the stitching? If you're like most people, then you probably know little. When the shopping process removes you from these details, even to the point where you can purchase 20 t-shirts purely from a machine, it can have residual effects that you likely coul … read more

Customize Your Garments

18th May 2015

Customize Your Garments
Check out our new zipper puller to customize your jackets or any other  clothing of your choice . Available in 9 colours: black, red, yellow, orange, white, grey, green, sky blue & navy. These pullers are perfect for coordinating with your brand, logo, or team colours. Or maybe you want to enhance your bag or jacket by attaching coloured zip pullers. They al … read more

Top 10 Essential Travel Items for Every Traveller

4th Jun 2014

Top 10 Essential Travel Items for Every Traveller
Here is my top 10 list of essential travel items I have narrowed it down to after all the traveling I've done.1. Universal adapter plug. In this technological era, we all can't live without our phones or laptops2. Sarongs. This multi-use cloth is amazingly useful. Turn it into a scarf, dress, pajamas, pillow manchester (duno where those airplane pillows have been) shawl for mod … read more
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