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The Art of Mixing and Matching Your Summer Wardrobe

Jan 20, 2016

If you can't reuse the many pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe, then you're wasting your fashion potential. There's nothing better than maximizing your investments, and there are ways to do it without hiring a high-priced fashion expert. You may not even recognise many combinations because you're stuck on a favourite look that's always worked for you. One of the best parts about fashion is the ability to experiment, and this is all about what you feel comfortable in. Sometimes you'll never know what that actually is until you put something on and walk around in it. So explore your wardrobe — even the very back of it where your least wanted pieces go to die!

Seeing T-Shirts in a Whole New Light

We often see t-shirts as just casual wear, even when we know celebrities doll them up to look like haute fashion. You don't need a thousand dollar jeans and a jewelled belt though to give your comfortable t-shirts more edge. T-shirts are perfect with skirts, shorts and every type of pants. Pair them with your fancier hats and watch how fast your whole outfit morphs into something more elegant.

The Art of Mixing and Matching Your Summer Wardrobe

Polo Shirts for Everyday

Picnics and sailboats are the more stereotypical activities you can do in polo shirts, but they're great for more everyday fun days like movies or just to run errands. When you look your best, you feel better and it can make even ordinary days seem a little more special. Polo shirts aren't necessarily the most glamorous thing, but if you're going out without accessories like jewellery or a scarf, it does make your look a little more polished. Solid-coloured shirts can be worn with bright skirts, khaki pants, and jeans.

Caps and Bags to Finish It Up

Accents and accessories can often tell more of a story than the clothes themselves do. Baseball caps say that you're flexible enough to go with the flow, even if your daytime game of volleyball turns into an all-night bonfire. A practical and fashionable bag can take even something like a tracksuit and give it more personality.

Hopefully these tips inspire you to try some variations. Don't be afraid if you haven't worn something in a while or don't like the way it looks on the hanger. It can make all the difference to try it on. Blank Clothing offers wholesale clothing online to fit a wide array of fashion styles. Our products are typically blank, but we also sell iron on transfers and iron on numbers for sports teams, family reunions and more. A summer in Australia has its benefits, and we want you to have the right clothes so you can have fun in the long days and warm nights ahead. We even offer organic men and women'sclothing for a more environmentally responsible choice.  

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