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DIY: Baby Shower Gift Idea : Cupcake Onesies

Jan 14, 2015

DIY: Baby Shower Gift Idea : Cupcake Onesies

Need an idea for a creative and useful present for an upcoming baby shower? What about this cupcake onesie/socks? Perfect way to customize for a boy, girl, gender neutral, winter or summer baby.

Start with the following supplies:

  • cupcake gift box (You can find those at those lil discount stores)
  • colourful cupcake liners
  • cupcake sleeves (optional)
  • 4 onesies ( You can find heaps of baby rompers here at BlankClothing )
  • 2 pairs of baby socks ( Also heaps of baby socks here at BlankClothing )

Here is the tutorial of how to make these cupcakes:

  1. Fold each onesies long ways twice in on itself, so it is a very thin long piece.
  2. Then take one sock and let the top of the toe area of the sock pop above the onesie.
  3. Roll the sock tightly in the middle of the onesie to create the cupcake shape. The sock becomes the cherry, and the onesie becomes a swirled cupcake shape.
  4. Let the end of the baby sock hang down below swirled cupcake shape, so you can fold it up around the onesie roll to secure.
  5. Place in cupcake liner and cupcake wrap and place in cupcake gift box. Repeat for all 4 onesies.
  6. Finish off by tying a cut ribbon around the box. Simples!

Original Tutorial Found  Here

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