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Long sleeve t-shirts online for work and play

Blank Clothing offers women a fantastic selection of knit tops in flattering colours and silhouettes. Enjoy the fit of long sleeve tees made to fit a woman's curves and proportions, not a man's. Australian long sleeve shirts for women have narrower trims at neckline and wrists and fit closer to the body than regular men's cotton shirts. Read more.
Cotton long sleeve t-shirts are comfortable as a companion to everything from jeans to a floral skirt. They also make excellent layering pieces under a jumper or backdrops for a lovely scarf or necklace. Best of all, you can shop for the perfect fit in a variety of colours that are also the ideal choice for travelling and play. Cotton jersey fabric packs and unpacks with less wrinkling than woven fabrics. T-shirts take up little room in a suitcase, so pack several to coordinate with skirts and trousers.

How to choose the right ladies’ long sleeve t-shirts for sale in Australia

Consider women’s slim fit long sleeve t-shirts in solid colours as a base for team symbols, lettering or company logos. Our quality range is designed for sports teams, schools, social clubs and business staff. Cotton long sleeve t-shirts accept heat transfer emblems, fabric paints, and screen printing with ease. Embroidered logos, crests, and monograms can also be added to blank designs.
Use lightweight tees to add comfortable warmth under other clothing when the weather is cool. Our thermal fabric long sleeve tees are perfect as layering pieces. Long sleeves also offer protection from the sun's burning rays.
While these staples are a often designed to be a casual garment, it can also be part of a more serious ensemble. We offer long sleeve tops in a slinky, 100% polyester fabric for a dressier appearance. We also offer a 100% merino wool long sleeve t-shirt with a lace insert at the neckline. Merino wool is featherweight and so soft against the skin. Wear with gabardine trousers and a blazer or with an elegant skirt and wrap.
Select your favourite colours and fabrics from our collection. Quality construction and material are guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Appreciate the versatility of women’s slim fit long sleeve t-shirts in different fibres and fashion hues as well as classic neutral colours. For a plus size top, relaxed fit in a more casual design, women can look to the unisex knit range in our men's department.

Shop online through our secure platform

Finding Australian long sleeve t-shirts that keep quality and affordability in mind can sometimes be a challenge. Having worked hard to create a range that caters to both of these aspects, Blank Clothing offers top-tier clothing that’s a suit for both your style and wallet. Best of all, we’ve made our platform highly secure, so you can shop with ease and peace of mind, no matter your requirements. Have your order shipped directly to your door and experience convenience at its best.

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