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Scoop neck t-shirts at wholesale prices – available across Australia

With our selection of cuts, colours, materials, and minimal detailing, we’ve made it easy to find the ideal fit at Blank Clothing. Our mission is to give your mind the creative freedom to bring your project to life – whether it’s to brand apparel that fits your marketing, or create the perfect personal trend for your wardrobe. Like all of our other essentials, our women’s scoop neck tees are carefully selected to give you the versatility and durability you need – no matter the context. Read more.

No minimum spend across all of our women’s low neck tops

In Australia, women’s scoop neck tees aren’t always the easiest cut to find. Whether you’re looking for a universally flattering fit, or a low-cost, yet high-quality canvas, we provide blanks that fill both spaces at wholesale quantities and prices. With no minimum spend, you’re free to buy as little or as many pieces as you like. We not only have several styles in stock for you to choose from, we also offer bulk discounts for large quantities. We believe this is a true necessity that brings the barriers down even further within the women’s fashion market.

Women’s low neck tees leave plenty of room for making your mark

As a causal necessity featuring attitude with an edgy cut, and plenty of room for your aesthetic vision, these garments have quickly become a staple in Australia. With a little more variation in the cut of each style, you’ll have a wide range of option to choose from when selecting your scoop neck t-shirts at wholesale prices.

A quick pro tip: choose your garment according to:

  • The width of the neckline;
  • How low it dips;
  • The shape of the dip and how rounded or narrow it is.

For the best selection of ladies clothing across Australia, see our styles and get inspired to get creative. The perfect canvas for your imagination awaits within our collection.

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