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Girls’ & Boys’ School Polo Shirts

School uniforms are a staple for all students. Whether they’re at a girls’, boys’ or unisex institution, the shirt is a standard of children’s wear, and requires a quality fit and feel to help endure everything the school day can throw at them.

We have curated a tried and true range that covers a wide range of sizes and cuts, making it easy to find clothing that fits well and is comfortable for children. Available in packs of four, the button-ups we stock come in short sleeve and long sleeve options, conservatively designed to fit the setting.

Ideal for embroidering with your logo and tagline, the selection easily becomes part of your stock for new students or those that have outgrown their existing tops. With excellent pricing, keeping a selection of fresh button-ups at the ready for these moments is highly affordable.

Along with our kids’ clothing collection, these items are part of the basic wardrobe for Aussie children and adolescents, standing up to wear and tear and letting young people explore life in quality garments that are made to be embellished.

Plain white school shirts are available

Uniforms typically come in formal colours – navy blue, black, maroon and deep green, just to name a few. Sometimes, a coloured shirt is layered under the blazer – but often in formal education, white is the go-to.

Shopping with us for your child’s shirts is the best way to appeal to the dress code without paying full price. Depending on how fast your kids grow, a single four-pack could last up to three years or more, with a few spares handy for any accidents that might come up.

With a few easy clicks of a button, your supply of white short or long-sleeve tops will be ready to go so that you can kit your kid out according to regulations, all while keeping to your budget.

Wear your uniforms with pride

Primary and secondary learning is often conducted in formal attire, which instils a sense of belonging and pride. Inside and out, the shirt reflecting the institution that backs it.

With a wide choice of children’s sizes, excellent quality and breathable cotton in our range, it’s easy to find comfortable all-day wear through our online store. Simply place your order and have it speedily delivered to your door.

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