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Using Iron On Transfers to Make Unique Christmas Creations

Nov 19, 2015

The holidays have their own specific brand of magic to them, and a lot of that magic is rooted in our traditions. There's something about ritual that causes us to feel nostalgic, happy and safe. It's comforting to share in well-known activities. Christmas means different things to different people, but even the biggest Scrooge probably has a happy tale or two to tell about this special day: the decorations, the festive lights and cheerful songs. If you enjoy sketching, drawing or crafting, there are infinite amounts of projects out there that will help get you into the spirit. We'd like to suggest using iron on transfers to make for either yourself or your friends and family. Through this easy-to-learn process, you can make some truly unique t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps.

Unique Christmas Gifts

The next time you go into a store and see a cheap-looking Santa or snowman on a sweatshirt and think to yourself "I can do better than that!" the answer is that you can! Transfer paper is perfect for those who want to share their creativity as a gift as opposed to just buying something off the rack, and it gives people ways to experiment because the materials are relatively inexpensive. You'll probably make some mistakes the first time, but that's the fun of it. Watching yourself get better gives you a sense of accomplishment and will make your end product that much more special.

Baby T Shirts For Iron On Transfers

Do you have a favourite family photograph? Maybe one with the kids under the tree smiling from ear to ear? Or a portrait of everyone as snowflakes fall from the sky and lands on everyone's winter hats? Maybe you have a photograph of that perfect Christmas day on the beach. These memories can turn a blank t-shirt into a work of art. On the other hand, maybe you doodle your own characters, like specific elves or your own rocking version of Santa. Use that design as your inspiration for a whole range of gifts for the people you know. Simply transfer them over with just a few steps. You can do this with just about any fabric, from tote bags to polo shirts. If you have a newborn celebrating their first Christmas, maybe you could create a memorable design for a baby t-shirt.

The Blank Clothing Canvas

Blank Clothing has the iron on transfer paper to make your visions a reality. We sell packs in different sizes, and include the directions to set you up with success. You'll need an inkjet printer and an iron. Shirts generally last for about 20 washes or so. We also sell a variety of wholesale clothing online, so you have the right canvas to work from. Find men's, kid's and women's clothing when you search our site and enjoy sizable discounts and reasonable shipping rates. Search through a variety of colours and styles to find the perfect pieces, map out a few ideas before you start and then watch it all come together.

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