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Tips for choosing the right Maternity Tops

Jul 28, 2022

The news of a newborn arriving is an interesting life event that most look forward to in their life. The anticipation and the expectation can be almost overwhelming. From what to wear to what to eat, everything changes almost overnight. For moms, be it a first time mom or not, every pregnancy offers a different set of challenges. Choices of fashion also add to the list. Being pregnant causes changes to the appearance that might sometimes be difficult to handle. There are different types of maternity wear but this article will look at how you can select a maternity top that suits your needs.

Photo by Neal E. Johnson

Buy what fits you

While this might sound cliche, it is true when it comes to most clothing, especially maternity wear such as maternity tops. While this tip might sound obvious, most women end up purchasing maternity tops that are too large for them by several sizes because most moms-to-be end up thinking that they need larger clothes. This is not necessary. If you do choose overly baggy clothes, they will end up feeling uncomfortable. As in all cases your regular size will be the best fit to ensure comfort and minimise discomfort.

Shop smart

When you go shopping at the first stages of pregnancy, it can be a bit challenging and confusing, especially if you are new to the whole experience. There are things that you can do to make the whole maternity shopping experience less challenging than it needs to be. For example, if maternity shops offer a fake belly most of the time that can be strapped on. This will help make a better choice in terms of what sort of maternity clothes fit best. You can try on different maternity wear such as maternity tops to see what suits you best. So it is best to take your time when you are purchasing maternity wear.

Cotton is comfortable

With the additional heat that is made by the body during pregnancy, it is best to choose a fabric that doesn’t make your body overheat. The most suitable option would be clothes that stretch such as clothing that has spandex. Polyester fabrics have their perks including having minimum creasing and better durability.But it’s better to keep it for special days or cooler ones to avoid sweating.

Shop with the all times in mind

As pregnancy lasts nine months, this means that it will stretch across different seasons and different weather conditions. Make sure that you have proper clothing to stay cosy during all seasons. While shopping for maternity wear can present an additional cost you can shpo smart and save money by shopping when there are sales offered for maternity clothes such as maternity tops, leggings, baby clothes or pants. When shopping for tops be mindful of the length of the top and make sure that they cover your tummy to feel comfortable. Comfort matters above all else when it comes to maternity wear.

Consider investing on reversibles

Reversible clothing is great as it includes two pieces in one. It is also a clever way to get the look you want with fewer items. This makes dressing up faster and convenient. What’s more, less items means that you will save more space and money. It also means that you will have less washing in your hands which is more than a win-win situation.

Being a mom-to-be can present many challenges that can seem daunting and somewhat stressful. But with careful planning it will be easier than it appears. Clothing plays a big part in helping you feel comfortable. It’s also best to keep convenience and finances in mind to make sure you make the right choice that’s right for you.

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