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DIY: Storage Boxes From Old Sweaters

12th May 2015

DIY: Storage Boxes From Old Sweaters
Need some inspiration for updating your organization in your home? I love collecting containers, boxes of all sizes to store/hide my clutter and what not. After discovering this great (and cheap) DIY tutorial, I’m so excited to upcycle some old jumpers and gain some super cute storage boxes!1. Start off by cutting off the top flaps of the boxes with a knife/razor blade. 2. … read more

DIY : Sweater Colour Blocking

2nd Jun 2014

DIY : Sweater Colour Blocking
Do you have a mismatch pile of shrunken, old or holey sweaters you don't know what to do with? 2ndfunniestthing website has got you covered with this great sweater idea. This looks addictive... I feel I'll be raiding the hubby's wardrobe for some forgotten jumpers to steal... DIY Tutorial Found here … read more
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