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Baby Muslin Wraps: Tips To Use Your Wrap to its Fullest Potential

26th Jul 2016

Muslin is a delicate fabric with rich roots that date back to the early 17th century, though it is probably much older. Muslin was traditionally made from unusually soft hand spun cotton linen, making it one of the most sought after types of clothing material. It is among the most soft cloths and a treat to touch, which is probably the reason why muslin baby wraps are … read more

Ever Ask Why We Swaddle Babies?

16th Mar 2015

Ever Ask Why We Swaddle Babies?
Why Swaddle? There is so much information you try to cram in when you are in the hospital, from breastfeeding to changing a nappy. So bringing home your gorgeous, brand new baby home from the hospital can be the most exciting and scary first step in your journey into motherhood. From day one, your little one requires a routine to settle and feel safe in their … read more

New BlankClothing Member Coming Soon...

24th Feb 2015

New BlankClothing Member Coming Soon...
A little princess will be joining the Blank Clothing team in less than a month...:) Hello week 36! Follow Us on Instagram for Plenty of Baby Ideas, Styling Looks & Fitness Inspiration! There is plenty of inspiration out there for what to do with plain baby clothing, blank tshirts and all your gym wear looks! … read more
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