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Spring clothing for kids

Sep 05, 2020

As the mercury starts to rise and the leaves begin to reappear on the trees, you know the days of winter are coming to a close for another year. That means spring is on our doorstep, and it is time to prepare for the warmer months with fresh clothing for ourselves and our littles ones. Suddenly, our to-do lists just got a little busier.

But there's no doubt that it's a gorgeous time of year; the birds start to sing again, the flowers begin to bloom, and the temperature screams at you to spend more time outdoors – current lockdown situations aside.

So, to help you make the most of this change in season, we're covering the complete shopping list of kid’s clothing items to get a headstart on your little one’s wardrobe when spring well and truly makes its mark.

What do kids wear in spring?

All those thick coats, beanies and scarves you made good use of in winter can be stowed away for another year, don't worry. But remember that the temperature in spring can still get quite chilly, so it is essential to focus on a range of clothing items that give enough protection and warmth when you need to most – especially for active kids.

To combat the elements here, opt for cotton, which is a fantastic material for spring because you can buy long-sleeved variants and long pants as well. Both are still thin enough for when it gets warm, and this is fabric, in particular, allows your skin to breathe easily enough.

Meanwhile, sundresses and t-shirts are ideal during this time of year as well, but leave the sleeveless designs or tank tops for the hotter months – that's when you'll want them handy. Our tip is to keep the sleeves in spring, even if to protect against that lingering bit of chill that hasn't quite left the air yet.

Time to break out the new hats

Spring is also the perfect time to invest in new hats to protect against the harsh UV rays Australia is known for. Remember that children grow quickly, so hats you had handy from last year may no longer meet the met this year – and it's essential not to take the risk when it comes to sun protection.

Buckets hats are the perfect allrounder for the spring months, although slouch designs and legionnaires are also handy.

Remember to consider sporting options

As the frost melts, the kids will be itching to get amongst outdoor activities, including sport. While footy is best enjoyed in the summer months, spring is the time to stock up on new basketball shorts and singlets, cricket and soccer gear and casual sporting wear like hoodies.

Be ready for the rain

One of the most beautiful parts of this time of year is the sudden rain that brings all the blooming flowers to the forefront and extracts gorgeous rainbows beaming through the sunlight.

Prepare your children for these moments (that can often pop out of nowhere) with rain jackets and boots in their bag, all ready to pop on so they can keep enjoying the great outdoors, despite Mother Nature’s antics.

Blank Clothing has a complete range of kids clothing options for all ages, all made from durable materials and designed to look and feel comfortable. You can order completely online and have your entire wardrobe shipped at once, so you are ready for the first day of spring.

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