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Keep Cool and On-Trend With These Summer-Friendly Fabrics

Mar 29, 2021

Summer can be a nightmare if you’re trying to balance working and keeping active. And then there’s juggling the ability to keep a wardrobe that caters to all this; we feel you, but it’s not impossible.

Investing in the right, high-quality clothes for this season means you’re also able to keep out of the heat’s way, opting for more breathable, summer-friendly alternatives. Ultimately, even if your choice of skirt or dress is made for this season, the biggest details are in the material used. Some are more breathable than others, so sifting through your options can ensure you avoid purchasing those that won’t give you much relief on hotter days.

Even singlets can be stifling if made out of inappropriate material, so when you are opting for clothing to flaunt around the office or for sport, and casual wear, then choose materials that specifically state they are breathable. Not sure what fabrics are the best option this season? Here are a few of our summer-friendly favourites.

The most breathable fabrics for summer


Now, this is one type of material whose cooling properties will not surprise you. Bamboo clothing is a relatively newer option on the market and is also a very sustainable choice as well, especially when compared to similarly marketed fabrics. It’s breathable, light and highly comfortable – the perfect choice for warmer months.

100% cotton

You cannot beat a classic and cotton has definitely earnt its reputation of being one of the most breathable fabrics out there. Clothes made from 100% organic cotton are normally high-quality and made well, so there’s an added bonus.


Rayon and similar blends aren’t always the first type of material to spring to mind, but there are plenty of options on the market today that use this fabric for a lighter touch and airy feel. It is also quite absorbent, which is great for those sweaty days out on the town.

Merino wool

While it may not sound like the smartest idea to wear wool in summer, it may surprise you to find out that garments made from Merino wool are a fantastic option for days in between the hotter ones. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also extremely absorbent, meaning that any sweat gets absorbed into the fabric. It’s also extremely comfortable. However, we just wouldn’t recommend them on those iconic Aussie scorchers.

When deciding on clothes to order, especially those that need to be worn on the regular in active environments, you’ll need to make sure you’ve chosen functional, comfortable options to take you from work to play. At Blank Clothing, we stock a huge collection made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials, ensuring you’re able to find the perfect fit for both your figure and the season.

Best of all, our range comes blank and ready to use as your very own canvas – whether for work, sport, family events or the like. Let your imagination run wild and opt for a selection that’s designed to flaunt your brand or marketing in any format you’re aiming for.

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