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Does it really matter what you wear when working from home?

May 15, 2020

Does it really matter what you wear when working from home?

If you’re like a majority of the working population now, chances are you’re switching your office ways out for a comfy spot at home right now. And among all the little bits and pieces you have to change about your routine, there’s also the convenience of wearing absolutely anything you want. Only your dog will judge you, right?


Even if your working day doesn’t mean you have regular face-to-face contact with others, what you choose to sport from your wardrobe still impacts your mental function and performance. Seriously, it’s in scientific fact, and in this post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about choosing clothing for your next working day.

But beyond that, initiating WHF doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cut visual contact with clients, colleagues and prospects altogether. Advancements in technology and collaborative tools – like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom – allow you to host virtual meetings online. And that means still dressing the part. So how can you make the best of both worlds, wearing what you need to for the part, but also for comfort?

What you wear affects your mentality

We all want to snuggle up for 24 hours a day, no doubt. But we can’t – duty calls. And that means opting for workwear that contributes to our ability to get the job done.

Whether you need to jump on a Skype call, Zoom meeting or show up in a Tweet, it pays to put your best foot forward from the comfort of your own couch. Right now, people are choosing a few alternatives to their normal corporate wear, all of which you can try out to see which suits best.

  • Standard office clothing: Sometimes it’s best not to go too far away from what you’re used to. When you get up in the morning, get dressed and make your coffee, your mind automatically switches into an “Okay, it’s work mode” attitude. If you’re staying home but clocking on, not initiating in this routine will have a profound impact on your ability to get into the mood of things. Seriously.
  • If you don’t believe is, a study was once done in 2014 by the Journal of Experimental Psychology to assess the influence of different clothing types. Those that wore their typical suit got more sales than those that wore sweats.
  • An alternative PJ set: Okay hear us out. If you want to take advantage of working from home because you don’t often get to do it, we’re all for that. But make sure you allocate yourself a different set of pyjamas to the ones you go to bed and wake up in. Switching out of your ‘sleeping’ mode is important, and will have a profound effect on the way you’re able to keep up productivity.
  • Casual clothing: For some, casual wear is the norm – even in the office. At home, you might want to keep your staff cohesive and united by providing them with branded, laid-back clothing that they can wear as they continue to work in their own space. This means you’re able to still put your logo and branding straight in front of prospects and clients when making video calls, and create the impression you’d try to replicate in the ‘real world’.

Options like  hoodiesplain tees and caps are all great choices here. Best of all, we have all of these products available for both men and women.

Ultimately, dressing like you mean business puts the impression out there that you’re serious about your line of work. When circumstances change and our environments have to shift from what we’re used to, making positive alterations to the way we work goes a long way. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing comfort, but mentally productive, clothing that inspires us to get more done in a day.

Dress for success – that’s what we say.

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