DIY : Upcycle Shirts into Pillow Covers

DIY : Upcycle Shirts into Pillow Covers

11th Nov 2014

We found a great little idea to upcycle those old (or new/ill-fitted)  business shirts you don't have any use for. In 6 simple steps, you can dress up your pillows with a cool take on the pillow cover. Both mens or  ladies business shirts could be used. We like the idea for different striped & checkered for a monochrome theme.

Gather your materials

1.dress shirt

2.throw pillow (It should be slightly smaller than your shirt.)


4.pencil or chalk


6.sewing machine or sewing needle (and thread)

6 easy steps

1.Button up shirt around your pillow

2.Position your pillow on the shirt

3.Mark up your shirt

4.Pin your shirt and cut out the sham

5.Sew all the open edges

6.Finally, unpin, unbutton, stuff the sham, and rebutton the sham

There‚Äôs a video tutorial for extra information and help over here at  Releve