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DIY : Tshirt into Singlet (no sew project)

May 16, 2014

DIY : Tshirt into Singlet (no sew project)

Found online an easy no sew DIY tshirt project for turning your old T-shirts into a cute, flowy singlet for summer or the gym. All you need for this project, is some fabric scissors, ribbon and a tshirt. An oversized tee is preferable, so go raid your brothers, fathers, husbands ardrobe for some old forgotten tshirts. Since I’m not a great seamstress, the fact that is project requires ZERO sewing, is a massive plus plus! You also don’t have to worry about fraying edges as tshirts are usually a woven knit weave that does not fray easily...and let’s say it does fray a bit, I love that worn look even more.

This summery singlet would look great paired with some denim shorts and skinny jeans.

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