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DIY : Studded Tshirt

Jun 25, 2014

DIY : Studded Tshirt

As the weather in Melbourne gets pretty miserable in Winter, staying warm indoors is quite the desired plan for a rainy Saturday. I’m always on the look out for DIY ideas that require minimum skills but maximum impact. This DIY idea is so easy, it would be ideal for even a kids activity during the school holidays!

When I discovered this one, I was so excited to try this this weekend with my old t-shirts, that need a little TLC and some revitalizing love. Bonus is, they will be extra soft and worn for a more vintage/rustic look. My recommendation would be to go two sizes up as this look is better as a relaxed, oversized look (versus being too fitted.) But that’s just my thought for the boyfriend tee relaxed styling I was thinking of. I like the idea of going with more natural tshirt colours, like black, white, khaki or grey for a subtle rockstar styling. But there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a bright red studded top either! That may be picture-perfect for a dance outfit!

All you need is a blank tshirt and a big pile of stud rivets (you can buy these at any craft shop or on eBay.)

So here is the great DIY project that is simple enough for even me! (No sewing required!)

Now all you need to decide is what size studs to get and where you want to put the studs...maybe just the collar and sleeves? all over (like below)? or maybe create the letter X? This could also be for a team uniform with the studs forming the first letter of your name or team! So many DIY ideas! So just use this inspiration to get your creativity juices going!

Feel free to email us your own DIY projects and ideas

Tutorial found here at project 22

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