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DIY: Potato Stamping

Posted by Ewnice on Jul 02, 2014

DIY: Potato Stamping

Who didn't love potato stamping when they were little? It is such an easy DIY craft to redo as an adult. Since I was helping at a community fair, I thought it would be a great way to test this out with some table cloth covers.

It was a really easy project that didn't take longer than a few hours (most of it, just prepping and drying)

All you need is:

  • Potato
  • Knife
  • Paint
  • Fabric (we’re using the sarongs from blankclothing)
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard (anything non-absorbent will do)
  • Plate

Optional material

  • Iron

  1. I used some white linen sarongs from Blank Clothing and iron them flat. I placed some newspaper under the clothe just in case (plus my linen sarong is quite a sheer fabric.) FYI: I also did this in the laundry just in case of any accidents.
  2. Cut potato in half and cut out your design. It does help to draw on your design with a pen (this was a little harder than I imagined as the potato was wet and didn't absorb the pen ink.) I used an old art scalpel blade for more precise cutting.
  3. Put some paint on a plate (hint: spread it out thin) and press your potato stamp lightly into the paint.
  4. Next lightly stamp onto a cardboard to remove excess paint and for a lighter “stamp pattern.” This is the best tip for a cleaner result. As my first few attempts were too wet and sploggy.
  5. Create your design!
  6. Hang to dry & your done :)

How easy is that? It was very satisfying having a little project you can complete within a few hours. I was very happy with the results.

You can stamp on anything from tshirts to aprons and hats! The list is endless. Just use a fabric paint if you want to wash the item in the future.

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