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​DIY: Lattice Canvas Tote Bag

Dec 10, 2014

​DIY: Lattice Canvas Tote Bag

With the Christmas season around the corner, and school holidays approaching, we've found this great tutorial over here, perfect for both kids and adults. Supplies are easy to get a hold of and these  totes could make great gift bags (instead of wasteful paper wrapping.)


- Large Organic Canvas Tote Bag

- Grosgrain Ribbon (Lots of it! The exact amount will depend on the size of your tote bag. I recommend buying more than you think you need, just to be safe. Width & color is up to you. Go crazy! Maybe a green & red theme for Christmas!)

- Fabric Glue

- Iron-On/Flat Back Studs

- Strong Craft Glue

- Fabric Scissors

1) Cut 4 strands of ribbon to be placed diagonally across the tote bag, + 1-2 inches (2.54 - 5.08 centimeters) on each end. I'd recommend laying the ribbon across the tote bag before cutting to ensure that the strand is long enough.

2) Add a thin line of fabric glue directly to the tote bag, under each strand of ribbon.

3) Pat down gently to secure. Repeat with Steps 2 and 3 with each strand of ribbon.

4) Cut 4 more strands, to be placed diagonally/opposite of the initial 4.

5) Add fabric glue.

6) If you'd like, add iron-on/flat back studs where the ribbons cross. I recommend adhering them using glue (like E6000); I'm not quite sure what heat would do to the fabric glue underneath the ribbon (if anything at all!) - so I used glue just to be safe.

7) Using the fabric scissors, trim the ribbon ends along the edge of the tote bag. Let the glue dry overnight.

Tutorial found over at  studs & pearls

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