DIY Baby Socks Bouquet!

DIY Baby Socks Bouquet!

15th Jul 2014

A bouquet of baby sock roses is a cute pressie for expecting mothers and baby showers. You can never have enough socks for the little one, as they get lost or they double as hand gloves. A fun DIY job that has a great wow factor when you’re presenting it, instead of wrapping your gifts in paper or a gift bag. A few rolls & twists and you will have made a pile of rose buds to make your bouquet! Create some for even a gift topper, corsage, or fill a small bucket/flower pot. This could make a great baby shower decoration

Baby Socks Bouquet


  • Baby socks. (8 pair of infant socks to make 16 roses)
  • Ribbon (matching or contrast)
  • popicle sticks for stems
  • Container for arrangement (e.g. bucket, flower pot, vintage baby plant holder, wooden box)
  • Real or silk flowers or leaves
  • Floral foam (you know that green stuff you can get it from craft shops)
  • Tissue paper, gift wrap to cover floral foam


  • Lift the cuff & flatten the baby sock
  • Beginning at the toe edge, softly roll to the top of the sock. The roll doesn't need to be tight.
  • Take the top edge (on the heel side or bottom of the roll as you view the photo above) and turn it over onto the roll.
  • Twiddle a little with the shape until you have your desired flower form. Gently pull the center to form a longer center or smooch it a little for a flatter blossom. Whatever structure you want really!

I reckon you could try this project with some baby bibs or face towel even. You can replace the tissue paper with Get creative!

DIY tutorial found here: