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Clothing for Healthcare Workers: Your Wardrobe Sorted

Apr 01, 2021

Regardless of the industry that you work in, there is a strong emphasis on professional conduct, and sometimes this also means your wardrobe. How you present yourself to your leadership team and the public matters, and in healthcare, that could be even more the case.

Uniforms or dress codes are standard in many workplaces across this industry, both to show employment but also to align with professionalism and set business standards. The challenge is that some clinics or practices allow you to embrace your own wardrobe, but the clothing options you choose must be functional and yet adhere to the codes set by your employer.

Depending on what area of the healthcare industry you work in, there will be different guidelines on how to dress and what you need to consider, in order to maintain a professional image. For those looking to keep to a more neutral wardrobe, blank attire – like our range – can often be a good starting point.

Choosing functional clothing for the healthcare industry

Whether you are a doctor, nurse or working around a hospital or clinic, having functional healthcare or medical clothing is important to be able to do your job to the best of your ability. From chemists to clinic receptionists, having comfortable and breathable attire is an absolute must. But that’s also hard to achieve when you’re trying to achieve an on-trend or specific look.

Often working long-shifts and constantly on the move, you need clothes that breathe with you and are resistant to the range of different things that healthcare workers may come into contact with. At Blank Clothing, we have a wide assortment of different options for both men and women who work in the healthcare industry, so no matter what your role is, you can back your wardrobe with a plethora of options – choose from scrubs, t-shirts, pants and more.

Tip: The more basics your wardrobe has lined up, the more you can mix and match your outfits. Even a simple blank t-shirt can go along way to creating a sophisticated, professional look when paired with the right accessories and garments – like our conference bags, for example.

Caring for your clothing

As workers are generally working with patients and clients throughout their day, opting for a professional look is important. We recommend choosing clothing items that are wrinkle-resistant and designed to move with your body as you go about your daily work. Sometimes these smaller details can make all the difference.

Additionally, wash your clothing carefully with the right detergent and fabric softener. Utilise the guidelines that come with your chosen pieces and make sure you hang them out to dry gently. Caring for them from the outset ensures less hassle and wear and tear – both of which help you maintain that elegant, professional look for the healthcare industry.

Browse our huge collection of blank clothes and accessories to level up your wardrobe now. Alternatively, equip your practice with a uniform, based on our range, to eliminate the hassle of finding professional, healthcare-appropriate outfits.

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