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Building Your Team With Iron On Numbers

Nov 26, 2015

There are so many kinds of teams out there of every shape and size. Sometimes we forget just how much we rely on other people to get things done. When we are stuck in our workload and start feeling as if we're on an island. When people don't work well together, it wastes time and drains people's energies. It can be exhausting just thinking about having to deal with the various personalities, likes, dislikes, and egos. Of course, using iron on numbers won't automatically fix everything, but you also might be surprised at what matching t-shirts or caps can do for your team. Sometimes it's the little things that help the most.

Iron On Numbers

School Savvy

Sports and clubs will generally be what you think of for teams in school, but there are many more opportunities around a school than that. Two best friends, a group of teachers or even school administrators can be a team. Giving people a team name and using iron on numbers on their back (or front!) can make people feel unified and remember that they're on the same side. Classrooms can get a sense of togetherness if they have matching shirts to signify a common goal. It also helps people feel like they're equal, so there's not as much friction with one person trying to talk over one another or be in charge. Kids especially benefit from needing to work with other people since it will ultimately prepare them for their careers. They need to be able to get along and still stay productive. And speaking of work...

Office Smart

Iron on transfers are an easy and inexpensive way to get people together. Surprising a team with hoodies or polo shirts after finishing a big project can be much appreciated. When the many daily tasks we have starts to take over our lives at work, the morale of a team falls to the wayside. This puts everyone at a disadvantage and ultimately hurts the office's bottom line. The ability to stay silly and fun shows that you care about their hard work and team ethic. Mix it up and give out trucker hats for some extra variety and impact.

Where to Get It

Iron on transfers are sold in packs with easy-to-use instructions. They generally last for around 20 washings, and anyone can make them. Not only does Blank Clothing have a variety of wholesale clothing online in Australia, you can also get the transfers with your shipment so you can start right away. We have ready-made numbers and customizable numbers on our website. You can pick the size and exact character count when you customise so there's no waste. There are different fonts and colours you can choose from, so you can make the shirts or caps fit your design. Check out our high-quality clothing for women, men and kids in a variety of styles, colours and brands!

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