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9 Elements of the Elegant Man

Feb 07, 2019

9 Elements of the Elegant Man

The elegant man has no problem standing out from the crowd. Fashion trends may come to pass but the elegant man is always ahead of the curb. There is no defined method of being stylish but there are nine elements of the elegant man that speaks true across the board. These trademarks include investing in the right clothing to maintaining their garments.

Here are nine elements of the elegant man.

1. Maintains Their Garments

Buying the right clothes is one thing, but being able to properly maintain them is truly the mark of a stylish man. Whether it’s a basic casual shirt or a custom suit, the elegant man does everything possible to ensure his wardrobe is well-maintained. Appropriate storage of clothing and regular trips to the dry cleaners are to places to start.

2. Know When to Visit the Draper

The right fit is imperative to looking stylish and the elegant man will under this. He will maintain a close relationship with his tailor to ensure he can always get the right fit for his clothing.

3. Maintains the Right Scent

Elegant men always have a signature scent. This is why they go for the perfect cologne or aftershave to add to his character as well as aesthetic.  

4. Has a Classic Ensemble

Regardless of the current trend, the elegant man always works to stay true to a classic aesthetic. This is why the elegant man has an array of classic attire that can easily keep up with the change in seasons.

5. Simplicity is Stylish

Simplicity is imperative to ensuring a classic, elegant ensemble. The stylish man knows this, and therefore they keep a simple, yet sophisticated, ensemble to ensure it suits his facial features and body shape.

6. Gets a Regular Haircut

A regular visit to the barber is a common trademark of the elegant man. Every month they will go to their favourite barber to have his hair maintained and trimmed. This helps a sophisticated man maintain his best appearance at all times.

7. They Know Their Own Personal Style

The stylish man has an ensemble that is personalised to them. A man’s personal style should always make them fashionable, and often what makes them look fashionable is unique to them. He selects his attire based upon how well it accentuates his features.

8. Details are Key

An elegant man pays attention to the minor details. He knows what accessories work well with his attire as well as paying attention to grooming.

9. Open to New Styles/Labels

The elegant man is also open-minded and can adapt to new styles and labels. He understands that true style is not just about wearing a designer suit. He is ready to surpass classic brands to try something new and exciting.

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