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4 Benefits of Wearing Organic Clothing

Jul 29, 2016

With all the buzz around organic everything, anyone would be forgiven for not just jumping on the bandwagon like a sheep. Obviously we've had non-organic clothes for many years and people function just fine, so why bother? However, there are a number of other benefits you may be missing if you're choosing to sidestep this new trend, and it's not just for the environment either. You may get more than you bargained for if you choose to buy more environmentally friendly products.

4 Benefits of Wearing Organic Clothing

1. Here's to Your Health

Organic clothing is meant to keep kids and adults protected. Especially when it comes to small children or those who have sensitive skin, eco cotton clothing is designed to ensure no one is rubbed the wrong way. The softness of the fabric keeps people comfortable, and the lack of chemicals used to make the products may reduce allergy symptoms as well. This fact has clearly been linked to the farmer's health as well, as they have seen fewer issues that may have been caused by insecticides or pesticides prior to switching to an organic lifestyle.

2. Better for the Environment

You know those toxic chemicals being used to keep bugs and all kinds of floating bacteria problems away? Those chemicals are used en masse in tiny patches of land that grow the plants that will eventually become your clothes. After a while, those numbers add up to mean that our environment takes a huge beating because of the ways we're trying to get rid of all the diseases that could befall our crops. Wildlife is killed due to the aftermath, water is poisoned, and the carcinogens from the chemicals have now worked their way into both adults and children alike.

3. Cost Savings

In certain places, going organic may actually save money. Considering organic seems to demand a premium for everything that could be classified in the category, which should be welcome news for everyone. It's actually helped people get into the business because it costs less to get everything up and running. Even when a crop fails for a farmer, the costs are typically low enough that they don't see the crippling debts they may have once felt.

4. Cuter Clothes

An even better benefit of organic clothing is that these clothes are definitely cute. From killer workout clothes to the romantic Heidi camisole, you're not sacrificing your favourite looks here by any means. Whether you need women's clothing, t-shirts or hoodies, you can find a variety of options in organic fabrics that fit your lifestyle.

Blank Clothing provides wholesale clothing online, and we're proud to bring people sustainable options that can help them feel better about clothing themselves and their families. Wearing organic cotton clothing is not simply a means for people to feel superior about their conscientious attitudes in Australia, but rather an increasingly more necessary action to take to protect farmers and consumers alike. Check out our variety of styles and colours available today.

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