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10 Houseplants that Clean Indoor Air

Jul 21, 2014

10 Houseplants that Clean Indoor Air

Last month, I was sitting in my living room and couldn’t figure out what was missing in my décor to make it feel more homely. After smelling some cooking odours wafting over from the kitchen, I had the realization that some indoor plants would be fantastic and double as an air purifier for inside the house. After doing some research, I discovered that all indoors plants are able to clean the air to some degree through their usual photosynthesis activities. But particular plants were discovered to be more useful than others in removing harmful household toxins, even eliminating 90% of chemicals in the air in just 24 hours!

For example, the toxin benzene can be released from gas ranges during use, making these houseplants below awesome for in the kitchen.

How good is that? This means houseplants may be helpful in decreasing your risk of cancers, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders & other diseases.So I have been working on my collection of indoor plants for my place. I bought a potted Chinese evergreen I got from a farmers market for my desk at work even. I’m so happy with bringing some nature indoors, while keeping the air cleaner and happier!


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