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Style names and model codes

The names given to styles at Blank Clothing are not necessarily the same as the style names or model numbers used on tags or labels by the various manufacturers


Blank Clothing carries lines from numerous different manufacturers in Australia and many other countries. If we used the same style names or model numbers given to each line by its manufacturer, there would be much confusion. For example, almost every manufacturer has a t-shirt identified as "T01". Also, some model codes can be very long and almost impossible to remember or refer to correctly, such as "WP-PS-TH1K-BLK".


We give each line a unique Blank Clothing website name for these reasons:


►  Our style names are easy to remember and refer to, (ie: "Alex" regular blank t-shirts);

►  Styles of the same name mean matching versions (ie: "Alex kids", "Alex adults");

►  Unique names allow easy alphabetical sorting and grouping on the website


If the style name on your order is different from the name or code on the item when it arrives, it does not mean that you have been sent the wrong item


For example, you may order a hoodie called something like "Sydney Hoodie" but when it arrives the manufacturer's tag or bag sticker could say something "Melbourne Hoodie" or even "PX-H01-689". Rest assured that behind the scenes, Blank Clothing has a complex coding system designed to ensure that the item you receive is correct as per your order, no matter what the manufacturer's own item code may indicate.


This being said, all of our deliveries are picked and packed by real human beings so mistakes are not altogether impossible. If the item you receive varies substantially from the style description on our website as per your order, please contact us immediately after delivery.

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