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Re-energisers have been manufactured with a unique, responsive fibre Celliant (R).

Specially formulated Re-energisers with Celliant fibres absorb energy emitted by the body and recycles it back through the skin which improves circulation and increases tissue oxygen levels.

An increase in tissue oxygen levels has been proven to:

  • give you more energy
  • improve athletic performance
  • reduce recovery time
  • provide a more comfortable body temperature

Each of these attributes can have benefits for your overall comfort and wellbeing

Re-energisers can be worn during exercise or during recovery periods. These garments are not compression garments and allow for ease of movement and are therefore not constricting during any activity.

Celliant fibre technology is embedded into the fibres and cannot wash out. It will last the life of the garment.

The fabric is created with fast wicking technology and an odour neutralizer that effectively stops the attraction of odour causing bacteria and keeps you drier.

Re-energisers are soft to touch and will maintain their look, feel and benefits wash after wash.



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