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Environmental & Ethical Policies

We believe in organically-grown cotton


Almost all of our cotton garments are made/manufactured from crops grown outside of Australia. We do not believe that Australia should be growing non-organic cotton. Typical cotton cultivation demands extreme amounts of water, and needs the highest level of pesticides per-hectare out of any farmed crop for viability in our climate. There are many other places in the world with climates more suitable for growing cotton, and people who are traditionally dependent on income from growing it. A relatively small amount of the cotton grown in Australia is organic and non-irrigated. The World Wildlife Fund has estimated that it takes an average of 4,100 litres of water (from cultivation through manufacture/sale) just to produce one single non-organically grown t-shirt. For the sake of the planet, we encourage customers to buy organically-grown cotton garments whenever possible.


Some of our blank clothing labels are not certified as "organic", yet has been made by environmentally-responsible manufacturers under strict international guidelines designed to minimise environmental impact and ensure lowest possible toxicity levels in all steps of the production process. Read product details carefully to make an informed choice.


We believe in sweatshop-free clothing manufacture


We do our best to offer our customers choice and consistent supplies of certified "Fairtrade" or "sweat-shop free" clothing. Many individuals and organisations feel inspired by conscience or policy to ensure that their clothing has not been made by child-labour or adults working as factory-slaves. However, fair pay to adult workers also means a fair price. We encourage our customers to find the extra budget for clothing that is good value for "good karma". It's the gift that keeps on giving to the global community.


We believe in being good corporate citizens


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we use low-voltage lighting and non-toxic, non-greenhouse, recyclable and biodegradable materials wherever possible. We keep road transport to a minimum by locating ourselves as close as possible to the national hub of importation and distribution - within minutes of Melbourne airport, seaport, and mail distribution centre. We are a 100% Australian-owned company with a shared commitment to servicing our customers with quality products and effective, streamlined delivery.

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